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    Peace Valley Oriented Strand Board

    Peace Valley OSB (PVOSB) is a joint venture OSB mill owned by Canfor Corp. (Canfor) and Louisiana-Pacific Canada (LP). On December 31, 2004 the legal structure of Slocan-LP OSB Corp. was changed to a 50/50 partnership rather than a corporation. The company now operates as Canfor-LP OSB Limited Partnership through its General Partner, Canfor-LP OSB (G.P.) Corp. The company announced in July 2005 that the mill would be known as Peace Valley OSB to recognize the key geographic feature in the immediate area of the mill,  the Peace River valley.

    In 2000, Slocan Forest Products Ltd. (Slocan) and Louisiana-Pacific Canada (LP) determined to work collectively to respond to a call for proposals made by the BC Government in 1998 to harvest aspen and cottonwood in the Fort St. John Timber Supply Area. At the time, Slocan operated an OSB mill in Fort Nelson while LP operated an OSB plant in Dawson Creek. The two companies formed Slocan-LP OSB Corp. after deciding that one large OSB mill would have a greater chance of success versus each company operating its own smaller mill. Slocan-LP OSB Corp. was changed to Canfor-LP OSB Corp. in 2004 after Canfor completed a successful takeover of Slocan.

    Peace Valley OSB currently has a four member Board of Directors with two senior staff from each company.. LP sells PVOSB product into the North American market while Canfor sells offshore. Woodlands operations for Peace Valley OSB are managed by Canfor staff at the nearby Canfor – Fort St. John Division.  Peace Valley OSB holds Forest Licence A85946 with an AAC of 150,000 m3 which is managed by Canfors’ woodlands staff on behalf of PVOSB. 

    Link to Peace valley OSB website: