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    Canadian Forest Products Ltd., Louisiana-Pacific (Canada) Ltd. and the BC Timber Sales with Tembec Inc. – Mackenzie Pulp Mill Corporation, Cameron River Logging, and Dunne-Za Ventures LP are piloting a project that will result in fundamental changes in the way forestry planning is done in the Fort St. John Timber Supply Area.

    The project is guided by a new regulation that allows the participants in the project to conduct their planning in a way that considers the unique conditions in the North Peace and be less influenced by Forest Practices Code rules. The participants will ensure that the new planning systems will maintain the level of protection for forest resources that is provided by the Code. The focus, however, moves from “process” to “On the ground results”. The pilot project has five major objectives.

       -  Incorporate landscape level planning into forestry plans, using the Fort St. John LRMP as the guiding document

       -  Combine individual forest development plans into one consolidated plan

       -  Eliminate the need for individual approval of most site level plans

       -  Establish a process for ongoing public involvement in forestry planning

       -  Test certification processes as a means to maintain or improve environmental performance.