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    Dunne-za Ventures LP
    Dunne-za Ventures Limited Partnership is partnership between Dunne-za Economic Development Corporation (the general partner) and West Moberly First Nations (the limited partner). Dunne-za Economic Development Corporation is wholly owned by West Moberly First Nations, thus, Dunne-za Ventures LP is also wholly owned by West Moberly First Nations. This contemporary structure separates community politics from the-day-to-day operations of the company. Dunne-za was established in 2001 as a direct result of the Joint Venture Agreement between Canfor (Canadian Forest Products Ltd.) and West Moberly First Nations with two coniferous non-replaceable forest licences (NFRFL) A57332 and non-replaceable forest licence A56771.

    NRFL A57332 has a 20-year term with an AAC of 100,000 cubic metres of small diameter pine in the Dawson Creek timber supply area, and NRFL A56771 has a 20 year term with an AAC of 150,000 cubic metres of sawlog spruce from the Fort St. John timber supply area and is within Fort St John Code Pilot.

    Dunne-za is active in forestry and timber harvesting activities. Logging agreements are currently held with Chetwynd Mechanical Pulp (via Louisiana Pacific Canada Ltd.), Canfor’s - Chetwynd Division, and Canfor-LP OSB Corp. Timber harvesting for 2005 is projected to be 225,000 cubic metres.

    West Moberly First Nations is a small community comprised of about 180 members, of which less than half live on reserve at the northwest end of Moberly Lake. The Dunne-za Economic Development Corporation is owned by the community, and cannot be controlled by any one member. Chief and councilors representing the four founding families are charged with representing the community in matters related to the corporate bylaws and appointment of board members.

    Dunne-za is the entity that West Moberly First Nations uses to access and participate in economic development opportunities within its traditional territory in Treaty 8. In 2004, West Moberly First Nations expanded the corporate mandate to include projects in the oil and gas and mining sectors. This was seen as a logical extension to the existing forestry and logging portfolio because it brought economies of scale and economies of scope to the operations. These three portfolios are managed under separate Operations Managers in order to improve the flow of information and projects.

    Core Business:

    Trucking (equipment and product transport, access and maintenance)
    Light earth works
    First Aid


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