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    The Small Business Forest Enterprise Program (SBFEP) was initially established in 1978 to help diversify and strengthen British Columbia’s forest industry. In June 2001, the Ministry of Forests was directed by government to develop a plan to make the Small Business Forest Enterprise Program more effective and put it on a commercial footing. Since then, significant work has been undertaken to achieve these outcomes. A new program and organization – BC Timber Sales – has replaced the SBFEP. The transformation of the small business program is part of widespread policy and organizational change across the Ministry of Forests targeted at revitalizing British Columbia’s forest industry. BC Timber Sales (BCTS) was fully implemented on April 1, 2003. BCTS has been set up as an independent organization within the Ministry of Forests, with financial independence from regional and district operations. The new organization will sell timber competitively through auction and has been set up to handle an increase in the volume sold.

    As part of government’s commitment to revitalizing the province’s forest economy, a new market-based pricing system will be introduced. Under this system, the price of Crown timber harvested on all tenures will be based on the selling price of Crown timber competitively auctioned through BC Timber Sales. BC Timber Sales currently provides access to 13 per cent of the provincial allowable annual cut however to support the new system, BC Timber Sales will increase the amount of timber it auctions to 20 per cent of the provincial allowable annual cut. All cutting licences in the program will be awarded to the highest bidder, and the auction rules will be amended to provide a clear, consistent administrative framework.

    Our Vision:
    To be an effective timber marketer generating wealth through sustainable resource management.

    Our Core Purpose:
    To market Crown timber to establish market price and capture the value of the asset for the public.

    In achieving its vision and carrying out its core purpose, BC Timber Sales has three major objectives:

    1. To provide a credible reference point for costs and pricing of timber harvested from public land in B.C.
    2. To generate the best possible revenue return to the province, recognizing objective # 1.
    3. To provide opportunities for customers to purchase timber in an open and competitive market.

    The transformation of the SBFEP into the BCTS program also amalgamated a number of forest districts into twelve larger BCTS business areas each with a main timber sales office. The Peace Liard Business Area of BC Timber Sales geographically encompasses the Fort Nelson and Peace (formerly Dawson Creek and Fort St. John) Forest Districts. The administrative, planning and management centre for the business area is the Timber Sales Office (TSO) located in Dawson Creek. In addition to the TSO, field teams comprised of field-oriented staff reporting to the main TSO are located in Dawson Creek, Fort Nelson and Fort St. John.

    Currently each field team location associated with individual timber supply areas retains its allowable annual cut apportionment. The Fort St. John location has a coniferous apportionment of 147,218 cubic meters per year and a deciduous apportionment of 180,000 cubic meters per year. However 70,000 cubic meters of the coniferous apportionment has been awarded to a Section 13.1 non-replaceable forest license (A59959) Cameron River Logging which has since also become a participant in the pilot project. The remaining 77,218 cubic meters of conifer and the 180,000 cubic meters of deciduous will be auctioned competitively with timber sales being awarded under Section 20 of the Forest Act subject to market demand.

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