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    Canadian Forest Products Ltd.

    Canfor Corporation is a leading Canadian integrated forest products company based in Vancouver, BC. Canfor has extensive woodlands operations and manufacturing facilities in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec, and lumber re-manufacturing facilities in Washington State. The company is a major producer of lumber and bleached kraft pulp. It also produces semi-bleached and unbleached kraft paper and remanufactured lumber products. Canforís products are sold in global markets by the Canfor Wood Products Marketing and Canfor Pulp and Paper Marketing groups through offices in Canada, Europe and Japan. Canfor Corporation is listed on the Toronto stock exchange. The main operating company is Canadian Forest Products Ltd., from which the name Canfor is derived.

    Canfor operates two facilities in the Fort St. John area, a random length dimension mill near Fort St. John and a planer mill at Taylor, 15 kilometres south of Fort St. John. The two facilities currently produce spruce-pine-fir lumber for the North American housing market and the British Columbia secondary manufacturing industry. Canfor has a strategic alliance with several large US owned do-it-yourself retailers and is one of the major suppliers of premium quality lumber to that market. By-product chips are sold to Fibreco Pulp for consumption in Slocanís Taylor pulp mill and to Canforís three Prince George pulp mills. Canforís Fort St. John/Taylor operations employ 250 persons directly and another 200 contractor employees in woodlands operations.

    Canforís Fort St. John/Taylor operations consume approximately 1.1 million cubic metres of coniferous timber annually. The primary source of this timber is Forest Licence A18154, a replaceable coniferous forest licence with an allowable annual cut of 704,793 cubic metres. Additional sources of timber currently include 70,000 cubic metres per year from FL A59959, and 83,498 cubic metres per year from FL A60972, two non-replaceable FLís held by other participants. The remainder of the required volume is purchased through the BC Timber Sales Program, or from private landowners.

    In 1999, the Ministry of Forests offered Canfor and West Moberly First Nations the non-replaceable Forest Licence A56771, which will authorize an annual harvest of 150,000 cubic metres for a period of twenty years. Canfor has finalized a joint venture agreement with representatives of West Moberly as committed to in the proposal for the licence. Canfor has obtained certification of all its woodlands operations under the ISO 14001 standard, and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Sustainable Forest Management System for all of its area based tenures. The company recently certified its Prince George and Quesnel Timber Supply Areas to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Standard of sustainable forestry.

    Canfor made additional commitments to its Board of Directors and major customers that the company will investigate ways to enable CSA certification of its volume based tenures in BC. The Fort St. John pilot project is one such investigation.

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